My second week as a full-stack fellow with JADU.

My pleasant experience as a full-stack fellow with JADU has completed two weeks. In the second week, the instructor taught us the concepts of HTML, which gives us the concepts of building the front end. These are the following concepts that we learned during the second week.

  • HTML — The Essentials.
  • Creating a Simple HTML Page.
  • Creating Paragraphs, headings, list items, anchors, images, comments.
  • Personal Branding.
  • HTML — Intermediate.
  • Divs and spans, buttons, input fields, radio button, range & sliders.
  • Form validation.


In order to fully grab the things which I learned, I decide to do a project using HTML basics. I developed a personal portfolio page using HTML and make it live using surge hosting. This portfolio lists my experience, my projects, my education, my research publications and my contact information. The link to my portfolio is “”.

The overall second week is very good and gives a lot of learning. I hope to continue my learning throughout the fellowship.